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Who we are?

We are a group of highly experienced technical and business professionals that bring a host of services in the management of natural or technical disasters. We are a business concern who provide services and necessary equipment to the NGOs, Government Agencies and different organizations of United Nations' to handle relief operations in case of disasters.

What we do?

We provide equipment/products/services for the prevention of loss of life and property before the disasters struck an area. We work on the principle of Prevention is Better than Cure.

Flood Early Warning Systems (FEWS):

The importance of having effective flood early warning systems is widely accepted as one component to manage disaster risk. The Hyogo Framework for Action (2010 - 2015) made early warning a Priority for Action and the post 2015 framework for Disaster Risk Reduction is expected to continue this focus "Continuing to further strengthen early warning systems and tailoring them to users' needs, including social and cultural requirements"


Coastal Flood


Tropical Storm